Synology NAS as backup drive

Using Apple TimeMaschine to backup entire Macbook is an easy step. But what about files, which are shared between users/devices? here comes a Synology NAS to help.

I’ve been using Synology since DS207. Now a DS216+ saves all the precious data and pictures. As I wrote, backup a Mac with TimeMaschine on a Synology DiskStation is an easy step. But what about shared file on cloud platform like Dropbox, Google Drive and so on? Synology can handle that too 🙂

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Connection refused after installing DSM 6.0 Beta

After installing the newly released DSM 6.0 beta for Synology NAS, I was unable to reach the DSM again. My Chrome browser showed “Connection refused”. Not really a good start for beta testing new software. connection-refused

Luckily SSH is still up. Since DSM running on nginx, it’s straightforward to look for some error log in the nginx error log.

shows following log records

in the file /usr/syno/etc/ssl/ssl.chain.crt/server.crt I found a weird certificate formatting

There’s a missing newline between the chained certificate. Put a new line between the certificate and restart nginx.

and restart nginx

Tadaaaa… DSM is available again.