dot underscore file in Mac archive file

I have been using Mac since 10.5 Leopard, but somehow I just spot this problem today. If you make an archive from Terminal using tar and extract it on other system (Windows or Linux), you’ll find dot underscore (._*) file in the archive. For every file there’ll be one ._ file for it.

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git tip #1: commit ID SHA-1

Software repository uses a unique ID to define a commit (revision). CSV or SVN use a incremental number as an ID. But in git the commit ID is the SHA-1 of the change set [1]. The question now will be, how to check out, revert or diff latest changes to some past commit?

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Git – Pushing specific commit

with Git you can commit locally and push the commit to a central Git server once everything ready is or if you are back online. But what if you made a lot of commits and you just want to share some commits, but not all.

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