at last… it’s snowing in Frankfurt… more pics coming… 🙂


Gruß Gott, si ivan ke bayern, tepatnya ke munich. refreshing, weekend travel. naek kreta kyk jaman student dulu 🙂
jln dr rumah jam 7 pagi, msh gelap n thermometer “cuma” minus 1 🙂 skrg dah ada matahari n kereta br berangkat dari Nuernberg. dr frankfurt ke wuerzburg, trs ke nuernberg, n skrg finish di muenchen 🙂 msh ada 1,5jam lagi.
so, bsk dr muenchen ke zugspitze. snow? maybe. lets see. ivan’s out

cold n foggy morning

foggy Frankfurt

not a real surprise. i know this day is coming 🙂 the cold and foggy fall. thermometer shows 4 centigrade. No sun can be seen.

wifi day

oh yeah. for me this weekend is wifi day.

now otw to dietzenbach (like 30min with train) helping a friend setting up home network, wifi, isdn phone with 3 lines. and maybe this evening in frankfurt also setting up wifi in combination with cable modem. wow totally interesting…. bazinga 😉

maybe for us (read nerd) is simple, but to those poor people, networking is like hell. which cable should i use, what this black box for, or why the lamps are blinking and no google. yeah dumb question, but its frustating for them.

when do i have time for myself…. 🙁

Hello world!!!

it’s perhaps a sample wordpress post’s title, but trust me, it’s me writing this. As a nerd (you know what a nerd is, don’t you?), it’s a standard output for a first application created or configured…

Hello world.. it’s a new blog about me, my daily life, what I like and don’t like.. just everything about me. This blog will be multilanguage. I will be writing in english, indonesian and german (deutsch). So don’t ever leave a comment asking me to translate…. 🙂

Happy blogging to me and happy reading to you all

Cheers 🙂