Synology NAS as backup drive

Using Apple TimeMaschine to backup entire Macbook is an easy step. But what about files, which are shared between users/devices? here comes a Synology NAS to help.

I’ve been using Synology since DS207. Now a DS216+ saves all the precious data and pictures. As I wrote, backup a Mac with TimeMaschine on a Synology DiskStation is an easy step. But what about shared file on cloud platform like Dropbox, Google Drive and so on? Synology can handle that too :)

Update on Google disabling sync of Photo to Drive

Who doesn’t use 1Password to save their password? Currently 1Password has its own cloud solution. But it’s still possible to create a local vault and use Dropbox to share them. In fact I use this to share the fault to my Android mobile. But what if Dropbox closes their service? Here comes Cloud Sync from Synology to sync all Dropbox files to own NAS drive :) Google drive is also sync with Cloud Sync.

Backing up pictures from mobile devices

What about pictures from mobile phone? On Android based phone pictures will be uploaded to Google Photo automatically and currently the only limitation is 16MP for pictures and 1080p (HD) for movies. This should be sufficient for snapshots from mobile phones :)

If you go to your go to your Google Drive preferences, there’s a check box to let Google Photo saves your pictures to Google Drive and let Cloud Sync to download it to Synology.

Why don’t I use Synology Moments? I don’t have Moments app on my mobile, but I do download the pictures from Google Drive to my Moments folder. For family back in home country I use Google Photo to share pictures, since my home has a very limited upload bandwidth :(

To automatically add pictures to Synology Moments, sync the Google Photos folder from Drive to

Pictures/videos on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) I combine IFTTT service with Dropbox. IFTTT applets run if new picture added in social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and Cloud Sync gets them from Dropbox and save locally.

Currently just backup almost 60GB of pictures and videos from an iPhone using Moments. It just works :D Now the DS216+ has a bit to do.

Update on Google Photo sync

Since July 2019, Google shuts down the ability to automatically sync Google Photo to Drive, to prevent the user accidental removal of photos. Since deleting a Photo in Drive, also delete the photo in Google Photo.

Now is the only way to backup the photos from mobile (Android and iPhone) is Synology Moments.

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