GeoIP2 is not updated in Matomo

cron error update Maxmind GeoIP2 database

Over the new year I got a PHP error from my Matomo crontask regarding GeoIP2 database from Maxmind. The error message is:

After short time googling, I found out that Maxmind doesn’t allow anonymous download of their free GeoIP2 databases because of a California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). See source

In short you have to create an account and get a license key to be able to download the GeoIP2 database. Following need to be done:

  1. Create a free Maxmind account here
  2. Get a license key here
  3. Create a download link based on the needed database file. See here
    For city database for matomo you can use this link. Just add your license key
  4. Put the link in the Matomo geolocation settings page.

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