[TYPO3] Redirect to last page

Problem of the week:

you have a password protected pages on your TYPO3 site. If you spread the URL of the pages and other user will be shown the login page, if they call the URL. Problem will be, after logging in, the user is not redirected to the last page, which they call.

The felogin extension of TYPO3 supports 6 type of redirect after login:

  1. defined by usergroup record
  2. defined by user record
  3. TypoScript or Flexform of the felogin extension
  4. GET/POST-Parameter
  5. Referer
  6. Domain entries

The solution is the “referer” redirection. The question is how. This is where we use the fabulous TypoScript.

This TypoScript creates a redirect per meta tag (see wrap), but to which URL. The magic happens in the typolink function. xxx is your login page. The GET parameter “referer” will have the value of the last page, which the user visited.

The magic does not end here. You have to set to “referer” redirect in the flexform of the felogin extension.


so that’s all.. hope this could be help.




Wrapping image based on width… pure TypoScript

following issue: images should be wrapped with various class parameter (or div, or whatever) based on its width. And it should be solved only per TypoScript…

hmmm… quite a difficult one, don’t you think? well, you know what… I solved it… πŸ˜€

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Rewrite robots.txt

Your CMS (read: TYPO3) can handle multiple subdomain in one installation. Problem: you can only put one robots.txt in the htdocs. The following rewrite rule will solve the problemby rewriting robots.txt to robots_(subdomain).txt

it will do following rewrite:

  • www.domain.tld/robots.txt will load robots_www.txt
  • sub1.domain.tld/robots.txt will load robots_sub1.txt, if it’s not exist, then robots_def.txt will be loaded

New plugin

you know… in Germany, they have one thing that bugs me a lot… privacy on web… ok it will annoy me also, if my data are spread out there without me knowing (may be it has been happening the time I wrote this). but the privacy law has problem if the guest data are sent to some foreign server (read Google). So instead Google Analytics, Piwik is used, since you can host your own analytics software and you can anonymize it, so it’s ok. So Piwik is used here….

Second.. Akismet. Who don’t know akismet… spam comment detecting service, which automatically remove those viagra ads (read “spam”) from the comments… but akismet is also a foreign server and your guests data are sent to some foreign server… so need to find something else to replace it… Here comes Antispambee. It’s supposed not to sent any data out from your server, but promising some spam accuracy… so I give it a chance… let’s see how good this thing is… BUT it is NOT a challange for you guys to spam my blog πŸ™‚

you’ve been warned… watch out for the bees and so long…


Gruß Gott, si ivan ke bayern, tepatnya ke munich. refreshing, weekend travel. naek kreta kyk jaman student dulu πŸ™‚
jln dr rumah jam 7 pagi, msh gelap n thermometer “cuma” minus 1 πŸ™‚ skrg dah ada matahari n kereta br berangkat dari Nuernberg. dr frankfurt ke wuerzburg, trs ke nuernberg, n skrg finish di muenchen πŸ™‚ msh ada 1,5jam lagi.
so, bsk dr muenchen ke zugspitze. snow? maybe. lets see. ivan’s out

wifi day

oh yeah. for me this weekend is wifi day.

now otw to dietzenbach (like 30min with train) helping a friend setting up home network, wifi, isdn phone with 3 lines. and maybe this evening in frankfurt also setting up wifi in combination with cable modem. wow totally interesting…. bazinga πŸ˜‰

maybe for us (read nerd) is simple, but to those poor people, networking is like hell. which cable should i use, what this black box for, or why the lamps are blinking and no google. yeah dumb question, but its frustating for them.

when do i have time for myself…. πŸ™

Hello world!!!

it’s perhaps a sample wordpress post’s title, but trust me, it’s me writing this. As a nerd (you know what a nerd is, don’t you?), it’s a standard output for a first application created or configured…

Hello world.. it’s a new blog about me, my daily life, what I like and don’t like.. just everything about me. This blog will be multilanguage. I will be writing in english, indonesian and german (deutsch). So don’t ever leave a comment asking me to translate…. πŸ™‚

Happy blogging to me and happy reading to you all

Cheers πŸ™‚