New plugin

you know… in Germany, they have one thing that bugs me a lot… privacy on web… ok it will annoy me also, if my data are spread out there without me knowing (may be it has been happening the time I wrote this). but the privacy law has problem if the guest data are sent to some foreign server (read Google). So instead Google Analytics, Piwik is used, since you can host your own analytics software and you can anonymize it, so it’s ok. So Piwik is used here….

Second.. Akismet. Who don’t know akismet… spam comment detecting service, which automatically remove those viagra ads (read “spam”) from the comments… but akismet is also a foreign server and your guests data are sent to some foreign server… so need to find something else to replace it… Here comes Antispambee. It’s supposed not to sent any data out from your server, but promising some spam accuracy… so I give it a chance… let’s see how good this thing is… BUT it is NOT a challange for you guys to spam my blog :)

you’ve been warned… watch out for the bees and so long…

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