Standalone view in extbase

Usually a view in extbase is always called from a controller.  but what if, an action in your controller is called as an eID and only parts of the template needs to be rendered? Partial is an option, but I have a code snippet, which uses the


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add class to link in RTE

It’s might be a simple problem, but yet it’s really hard to find the correct solution. Although the solution is a simple one.

Using any of the CSS frameworks out there, you can easily create a button, even from a link, just by adding a class. The problem is, how you can put this class in RTE, so that the editor can easily choose which button class should be used.

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dot underscore file in Mac archive file

I have been using Mac since 10.5 Leopard, but somehow I just spot this problem today. If you make an archive from Terminal using tar and extract it on other system (Windows or Linux), you’ll find dot underscore (._*) file in the archive. For every file there’ll be one ._ file for it.

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redirect URL to lowercase

Using the realurl extension TYPO3 generate human-readable URL. If the visitor visits the page using uppercase of the URL, TYPO3 can generate the page (HTTP 200). if a search bot (Google) found this URL and indexed it, Google will declare the page as “double content” and punishes your page rank. How do we deal with this? Continue reading redirect URL to lowercase

git tip #1: commit ID SHA-1

Software repository uses a unique ID to define a commit (revision). CSV or SVN use a incremental number as an ID. But in git the commit ID is the SHA-1 of the change set [1]. The question now will be, how to check out, revert or diff latest changes to some past commit?

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Git – Pushing specific commit

with Git you can commit locally and push the commit to a central Git server once everything ready is or if you are back online. But what if you made a lot of commits and you just want to share some commits, but not all.

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