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another day, another problem. Extbase is becoming main framework for TYPO3 extension, because it’s really easy to create a frontend plugin to show (listing or detail view) of a records. Since it’s MVC framework, Extbase create a complex URL for each record.


how to short this?

following “standard” realurl config is normally used to encode the GET parameter to “readable” url path

the config creates following “readable” URL:


but sometimes you used the same term for pageName, urlPath and controller like:


somehow there’s too many “job” in the “readable” URL. how can we spare these repeating paths?
in RealURL there’s a hook to manually influenced the URL en- and decoding. In the RealURL config add following lines

and add our own userFunc like this

the result is a nice short readable URL :)


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  1. Within the last year realUrl received an update that takes advantage of htmlspecialchars instead of the old lookup tables. I wasn´t able to find out where german umlauts like “ö” are translated into “oe” and why special characters like “&” (ampersand) are not included. So your approach suited we well enough to come up with a fix for the ampersand being translated into “amp” instead of “und” like our customer would have desired.
    This fix is obvious. Though I spent hours googling for “realurl amp und translation” without any sensible result. Hopefully this helps other german realurl users. Thanks for spending the foundation to this, Kartolo ;)

    $GLOBALS[‘TYPO3_CONF_VARS’][‘EXTCONF’][‘realurl’] = array(
    ‘encodeSpURL_postProc’ => array(‘user_encodeSpURL_postProc’),
    ‘decodeSpURL_preProc’ => array(‘user_decodeSpURL_preProc’)

    function user_encodeSpURL_postProc(&$params, &$ref) {
    $params[‘URL’] = str_replace(‘-amp-‘, ‘-und-‘, $params[‘URL’]);

    function user_decodeSpURL_preProc(&$params, &$ref) {
    $params[‘URL’] = str_replace(‘-und-‘, ‘-amp-‘, $params[‘URL’]);

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